I corti del Moca

Chi siamo

The I.C. Santa Chiara-Pascoli-Altamura is a state institution established on 1 September 2016 by merging existing schools. It consists of three buildings of which the two oldest are located, a few tens of meters from each other, in the heart of the historic center of the city of Foggia near Via Arpi; the third complex is a modern building located in the Candelaro district in a more peripheral position.

The scholastic institution is oriented, in the planning of the activities, on assumptions, concepts and meanings connected to the idea of ​​a curious child and boy, participative and active protagonist of his own path of growth and identity building. Therefore the school spaces are structured in such a way as to be experienced as welcoming and inclusive educational environments, privileged places of experience and relationship in which the students find adequate answers to their needs.


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